Original-Latin : ÇNOR
Transcript :
Ç bir kısaltma olarak ça/çaa/çağa veya çocuk anlamında ve NOR ise NAR sözcüğünün yazarın ağzındaki biçimidir. Bu sözcük bebek NAR veya ÇOCUK NAR anlamındadır. On the f-4r page in VMS, the first word of the eighth line is written as ÇNOR. In the Turkish language, the words Ça/Çaa and the words ÇOCUK (child) (ça/çaa is the root of the word, taking the diminutive suffix -cık/-cuk) are used to mean baby and child. As can be seen, these words start with the sound Ç and the author either shortened this word here or read the sound Ç with the vowel A as [Ça]. (We know this clearly because on a page where an author drew two creatures resembling worms at the root of a plant, she/he wrote that they were baby-snakes in the same way, and on the page where a dragon was drawn, she/he used the Turkish name in meaning baby-dragon/child-dragon. These were shown by us as a drawing-word match, those who follow our posts can be remember these details.) If the author wrote this word today, he would use one of the words ÇA+NOR, ÇA+NAR, ÇAA+NAR, ÇAĞA+NAR, ÇAA+NOR in different dialects. These words are not written as compound words today. This was written as a compound word in VMS. Ç+ NOR Ça + Nar Çaa + NAR Çağa + NAR The words (shortened) Ç & ÇA or ÇAA / ÇAĞA all means 'baby' and 'child'. So it says 'baby pomegranate' here. NAR (POMEGRANATE) The word is used in 'NAR' phonetic format in Anatolian dialects. Today, in some Özbek-Turkish dialects, the same word is voiced as NOR/ANOR. See relevant glossary pages here > [Sözce Sözlük, Ç/Ça=ÇOCUK, BEBEK: <http://www.sozce.com/nedir/67379-ca>] [Sözce Sözlük, ÇOA=ÇOCUK, BEBEK:< http://www.sozce.com/nedir/77899-coa>] [Sözce Sözlük, ÇAA=ÇOCUK, BEBEK: <http://www.sozce.com/nedir/67381-caa] [Sözce Sözlük, ÇOĞA=YAVRU, BEBEK:<http://www.sozce.com/nedir/78199-coga>] [Sözce Sözlük, ÇOĞ=ÇOCUK, BEBEK: <https://sozce.com/nedir/78197-cog>] [Sözce Sözlük, ÇAĞA Moğolca ÇAKA <https://sozce.com/nedir/67615-caga>] [The source of the pomegranate plant image is:<http://www.mavifidan.com/resimler/sus-nari-punica-granatum.jpg>] [NAR (pomegranate) <https://sozce.com/nedir/234491-nar>]