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Welcome to The Voynich Manuscript

Decoding the manuscript has been a family effort that was prompted by a joint interest in the subject by my two sons Alp and Ozan. The Voynich Manuscript (“ATA” Manuscript*) proved to be a great bonding project that has proven fruitful. I (Ahmet Ardic) am, by trade and education, an electrical engineer, yet I have been studying Asian (specifically tongues of Turkish-speaking people) languages, dialects, philology, and cultural beliefs as a personal project since 1992. There are languages and cultural practices that constantly die as the generations succeed each other. We believe that the study, proper documentation, and preservation of words in various languages and cultural traditions will provide one of the greatest primary assets to the study of history.
Since 1992, I have been documenting many examples of remote cultural and linguistic nuances in the hopes that one day they would prove useful. Furthermore, I have been extensively researching the origins of graphemes. It is around this time that I first got interested in analyzing and transcribing older writings. Once I found the “ATA” Manuscript, I discovered some evidence that suggested the alphabet transcriptions that were brought forth were wrong. Upon this my sons and I proceeded to further dive into the subject. The results have been surprisingly phenomenal, as this family project grew into something considerably more substantial. We understand that this subject is controversial and might surpass our lifetime to complete, thus we want this website to be used by others who are interested and have something to add in helping decode this manuscript.
Kind regards,,
Ahmet Ardıç
* The reasoning behind said naming is explained in our book.